Orly To Have And To Hold, Lori Greiner Manicure Keeper and my first successful stamping!

First of all, I’m not much of a nude color polish person, most of it looks really washed out on me with my very light skin tone.  Recently, I had picked up several of the Orly’s Bridal Collection polishes on clearance at Sally’s, one of them is To Have And To Hold, it is a light pink shimmer.

Yesterday, I received my free Lori Greiner’s Rubberized Manicure Keeper Base Coat by Orly, this was a Face Book promotion recently.  It was a perfect time to try both the base coat and polish out.  Application was great of both, I did top it off with Seche Vite, sometimes I just can’t wait.  As most of my followers know, I use all kinds of backgrounds…then again, we all know I’m not the traditional nail polish blogger.  (See my about me.)  The backgrounds are my daughter’s dresses from when she was a toddler, she’s now 17.  They reminded me of weddings and happy gatherings.

Then today I wanted to add a little excitement to my manicure.  I received a China Glaze Harmony polish from the Romantique Collection in the mail from my Face Book friend Neeka.  She knows I like to stamp or try to and tonight was my first semi-successful experience thanks to her.  This is from the Konad M60 stamp with the Harmony polish.  This combination (contrast) also helped me see what I was doing and where I made mistakes.  The first picture is with out flash and top coat, the second is with flash and with a layer of Seche Vite.  Hope you enjoyed this as much as I enjoy your comments.  I read them all even if I don’t respond.


5 thoughts on “Orly To Have And To Hold, Lori Greiner Manicure Keeper and my first successful stamping!

  1. You did a fabulous job with the Konad Stamping, I love the design you choose, it's very cool. Nice job, I love you web blog and your supportive comments, LOL So here I can honestly tell you that you did a great job, I love it. It's very beautiful.Love,George 🙂

  2. Great colors and stamping. I am getting some monster plates for my birthday later this month and can not wait to try them out. I hear they are so addictive. I sense many polish changes with tons of new patterns.

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