About Me

My name is Jeanie, I’m 47 years old from the Charlotte NC area.  My career started off mainly working in NASCAR, I even have a degree in Motorsports Management.  I have also worked in the school system and loved working with special needs children.  In the past few years I’ve rekindled my love of makeup and nail polish.  I’m not your average beauty/nail blogger, I am not a professional nail tech and it’s been many years since I worked with cosmetics.  I feel like I’ve come full circle now.

You can tell when I’m not having a good day by what I call my messy mani’s, I’ll explain a little about that.

In 1998, I got really sick and went through many doctors just to be misdiagnosed and undiagnosed many times.  Finally in 2003, they discovered I had Lyme Disease and Fibromyalgia.  I was treated and retreated in 2006.  If you know anything about Lyme Disease, it’s not easy to treat and after having it that long, I have permanent damage to my Central Nervous System, Muscles and Joints.  Just being able to do my nails is a treat and on some of my good days I actually get a decent manicure/pedicure.  On my bad days, I just call it coloring outside of the lines.

So with all this said, I have to choose my hobby’s and other things I do in my life very wisely.  I live each day to its fullest when I can, on the other day’s I sit back and polish my nails 🙂

I have a very loving husband of 29 years and one teenage daughter who means the world to me, we went through 10 years of infertilty…I would have had 10 kids had I been able.  But I am very thankful for the one I was blessed with.

I also have my fur-babies, 6 Havanese dogs that are the best.  A lot of people do not even know what a Havanese is…here’s my website  www.celestialhavanese.com.


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