MASH Nail Art Polish, 2012 Plates and Other Accessories

Tonight, I am showing you the new MASH Nail Art Polishes that were recently released in 3 colors, black, white and a silver glitter.  I am VERY impressed with the quality and how easy their polishes are to stamp with.  Most of you know I have a love/hate relationship with stamping, either the plates are poor quality or it’s hard to find a polish that is easy to use.  I usually end up very frustrated, but not this time, all the MASH products I used made it easy to be successful.  I hope they release more colors soon, I will definitely buy them.  I found this also a good time to try a few plates in their newly released 2012 set, their double-sided stamper and plate holder.

MASH Nail Art Polish – Black used with plate #38.

MASH Nail Ar Polish – White used with plate #49.

MASH Nail Art Polish – Silver Glitter used with plate
#25 from Set 1.  (A matte polish was used as the 
base here and was a little harder to photograph.)  

L-R Silver Glitter, White and Black

MASH Nail Art Polishes shown with their plate holder, 
double-sided stamper(LOVE!) and scraper.  


I am looking forward to bringing you more Nail Art posts in the future.  You can find the products above at and follow them on their very friendly, interactive Facebook Fan Page.  What are your thoughts on stamping?  Any tips that you would like to share?

*The 3 polishes were sent by the company for my review.  The other items shown in this post were purchased by me.


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