A Ladies Day Out At The Spa

Where to begin…..As most of you know, my health has been anything but great this year and just this past week I had 4 doctor visits in 2 days, the past few weeks have been a blur.  My worst scare was another tick bite, they are watching me closely and have given me meds for it.  Also a visit to the Foot/Ankle Doctor, see the last pic.  Anyway through all of this, I’ve kept my positive outlook and sense of humor.
So now it’s time for the fun part.  My Aussie friend Sharon had been looking for a nice Spa/Nail Salon and a friend of her’s suggested Viva Nails & Spa located in Concord, NC.  We both were pleasantly surprised from the moment we walked in.  Everything was so nice, neat and clean.  We were greeted immediately by the Receptionist and Tony, the owner.  
Reception & Waiting Area.  Was very pleased to see a menu of all their services with descriptions.

A photo of just one side of the spa.  The chairs were heaven.  Tony sat me beside of Sharon so we could talk and told me to enjoy the massage chair (even though I wasn’t having anything done).We were offered refreshments after we sat down.

Very nice selection of quality products, they also sell polishes too, great if you need to do a touch up before your next visit.  I noticed too that the products they use are only high quality, nothing in mysterious containers. 
The staff is well educated and professional, always attending to the customer’s needs.  No chit chat in another language that seems to annoy so many of us!  I think they are truly happy with their jobs and work environment and it shows through with their service and attitude.

I love the open area between stations, you don’t feel closed in or like you are on placed on top of each other.

This is Tony, the owner as he does Sharon’s nails.  It was nice to see him jump right in and make sure that Sharon received the services she wanted since she had multiple disasters at other local spas/salons.  All this special treatment was done even before he knew about me being a blogger.
Sharon getting her nails done.
Now to the comical part, me walking into Viva Nails & Spa with 2 bum feet!  Minor surgery on my toe on the left foot and a hairline fracture on my right ankle.  I didn’t have anything done, but they still treated me like I was a paying customer.  I will definitely come back here and get my pedicures and some of their other services.  The one thing I forgot?  Pictures of Sharon’s mani and pedi, they looked great, I will add them soon.
She was very happy with the outcome.
Since I was only an observer, I was able to take so many things in and observe everyone’s experiences.  One thing that stood out was the cleanliness of this salon and their sanitizing after each customer.  Even though this is required you should expect this in every salon/spa, it’s not always done.  Prices were reasonable and for the service and quality of products used, it is well worth it.
If you are ever in my area and want the Viva Nails and Spa experience, you can find them at 6183 Bayfield Parkway in the Afton Ridge Shopping Center, Concord NC.  Phone 704-795-2547.  This review is my honest and unbiased opinion, I did not receive services or products unless you consider the use of the massage chair and a bottled water.  I simply wanted to share a positive experience with my readers.  No one knew that I was a blogger until afterwards when I asked the owners permission to share, and I’m confident that every customer should have this experience no matter what.  Have you ever been to a Nail Salon or Spa before?  Would love to hear about your experience, leave me a comment!


8 thoughts on “A Ladies Day Out At The Spa

  1. I can't tell you how hard it was just to sit there. My natural nails are fairly long right now and I have a lot of nail art and swatching to do, so I didn't want a mani either.

  2. Oh we had a great time, Would of been better if we too were offered rose wine like one other ladie. I cant wait to go back with Jeanie so she too can enjoy herself at the spa. I felt like a princess. If Only I knew about this place before my wedding. They too do decals an nail art. I am going to ask if they do facials.. We will keep you updated about our next Girls day!!! 🙂

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