NK Nail Enamel – Charcoal Navy and Magical

Tonights manicure is NK Nail Enamel’s Charcoal Navy and Magical.  This is an inexpensive brand ($1 each) that I recently discovered at one of my local beauty supplies. The application is really very easy and the wear is decent too.  
Two coats of Charcoal Navy.

One coat of Magical holographic top coat.  Flashes a beautiful green and blue.

NK Magical and Charcoal Navy.

What’s your favorite inexpensive polish?  Are there any brands out there that you know of that most people don’t?  If so, share with us!


3 thoughts on “NK Nail Enamel – Charcoal Navy and Magical

  1. We don't have this brand where I live. My go to inxpensive brand is probably Sally Hanson X, but we rarely get colors that change for more than a yr at a time in that line – ditto for the more expensive SH Salon Complete. I am pretty impressed with the wear I am getting from the Revlon Colorstay new re-formulation. The creams that are darker tend to last better than any metallic or the lighter cream shades I find. I often see them at buy one full price get next 50% off and then there is a $1 off each bottle coupon on top of that – still if you buy more than a couple, it is expensive. The retail on that one is $8 most places – but the sales make it doable for me to try a # of them. I don't do well with Sinful – it chips and again we don't get color offerings in my area at all on this brand. The same ones have sat here since last year.

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