Cult Nails Let’s Get Nekkid Collection Pre-Sale Event

For this collection, Maria brings you 4 shades of nudes (Swanbourne, Baker, Tulum, and Mazo) amped up by a golden shimmer… and just to keep it fun, she added the exciting, very anticipated, limited edition green jelly with intense glitter and flakes known as Toxic Seaweed!  Secure your set today!
Image 1
The pre-sale event will offer the entire collection only.  The collection will sell for $40 (USD) plus shipping.  Pre-Sale offer is valid while supplies last.  Colors will be available for individual sale for $10 (USD) each, as supplies allow, once all pre-sale orders have been shipped.  (Pre-sale orders are expected to ship approximately the second week of February.)

One thought on “Cult Nails Let’s Get Nekkid Collection Pre-Sale Event

  1. I finally got a new supdate in my email from Cult that my ISP did not put into their spam filter and not even give me a chance to see it in my own spam file to decide if I wanted it or not. I am in love with the 'seaweed' one…and of course she says it's a factory goof beefed up and it will be this batch only then no more. She wanted ltds when she started the company – but the demand is so high for their polish, just cannot do too many more that so many folks want and have next to zero chance to get. I don't want this entire set but I just might do the pre-order or I will miss out on it 'seaweed.' Not a happy camper. I think Cult needs a big $$$$ investor to get them up to the next production volume level.

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