Friday the 13th – My 13 favorite manicure and pedicure products from 2011

Tonight I am bringing you my 13 favorite Manicure and Pedicure products of 2011.  This is not a list of all the products I use or have in my possession that I haven’t used, but it’s my go to products as of now.  I know everyone is thinking why 13?  why not 10?  Well, Happy Friday the 13th.  Now on to the products that are in no certain order.

1.  OPI Nail Envy for Sensitive and Peeling Nails.  This product has been my go to for making my nails long and strong and to stop the peeling.  There are other Nail Envy treatments such as the regular strength and maintenance formula.  Prices varies online and in stores.

2.  OPI Avojuice, this hand and body lotion has the best scents that are not overwhelming and works into the skin fast and leaves it feeling amazing.  You can find this product online, in-stores like Ulta, size and price varies.

3.  Qtica 3 in one Manicure/Pedicure Soak, I love this stuff!  Qtica describes this as:  Three in one, all-purpose soaks give you the perfect hand or foot bath to prepare for manicures or pedicures. Qtica Smart Spa Anti-Bacterial Soaks soften water, kill and prevent bacteria and provide relaxing aromatherapy with an advanced medical-grade formula. Cutting-edge foam control technology manages foam level even in whirlpools.  There are 2 sizes and range from $20-$36.  You can find this in some stores and at

4.  Barielle Total Care Foot Cream – this one works without all the mess!  I use it a few times a week and it helps keep my feet moisturized and looking good for sandals and flip flops.  Retails for $12 each and can be found online at Barielle and in some stores.

5.  Julep Essential Cuticle Oil – One of the  best smelling, easiest to apply because of the roller ball and easy to carry with you.  I find myself remembering to use this and even enjoy using it since it works so well and it’s not messy.  Retails for $18.

6.  OPI Glass Nail File – Very high quality and it lasts.  It can be cleaned and re-used an infinite amount of times.  Available online and in stores, price varies.

7. & 8.  Seche Clear and Seche Vite.  My favorite base coat and fast drying top coat.  This base coat dries fast and helps prevent polishes from staining your nails and leaves a great starting base for your nail polish color.  Seche Vite is one of the fastest drying top coats that I have and it leaves the best shine.  Make sure if you have problems with shrinkage to wrap your tips on your nails.  This is available online and in stores such as Sally Beauty Supply.  Seche Clear retails for $6.99 and with your Sally Beauty Card it is $4.99.  Seche Vite retails for $7.49 and with your Sally Beauty Card it is $6.49.  You can also find this at other retailers and online.

9.  Zoya 3 in 1 formula Remove +.  A lot of people ask “does it really matter” and Zoya costs more.  It’s worth it!  This flip top pump bottle is available online at or in Ulta stores.  It retails for $9.99.  Larger bottles are available at Zoya and they go on special often.  This remover is good for glitters and hard to remove polishes also.  It preps your nails to be polished.  Other sizes are available for $4.60 to $25.00.

10.  Nail Polish Remover Wipes – Now this is the shocker!  Ebay and from China!  Look for the seller that sells them for $1 and $1.29 shipping for a quanity of 400.  This is the best deal and the best wipes. 2 of them can take your whole manicure off and not leave any lint or tear up.  They do not dry out fast when you apply your polish remover and holds up well when taking off glitters and other hard to remove polishes.  Here’s the seller I use Lintless Nail Wipes  It takes a few weeks to get them.

11.  Deborah Lippmann’s 2-second primer.  For those of you that need a primer to help clean, dry and prep your nails to keep your manicures looking better longer, this is it!  Very pleasant smell and it retails for $14.  Available online at Deborah Lippmann or in finer retail stores.

12.  All Season Fine Grit Yellow Finishing Block.  This is the perfect buffing tool for natural nails.  You can get it at Sally Beauty Supply or online, it retails for $1.19 each but it on sale this month for $.69.

13.  Qtica – Smart Spa – Sugar Scrub –  This is great for your hands or feet.  Qtica says it:  Reveals softer, younger-looking hands and feet with gentle, indulgent exfoliation. The QTICA Smart Spa Exfoliating Sugar Scrub goes on like honey and removes dead skin with delicate sugar crystals that dissolve completely to leave behind soothed, softened skin. Perfect for the spa or shower as it doesn’t clogs drains or whirlpool jets and never leaves difficult-to-clean residue like some scrubs. Great on arms and legs after shaving or waxing, never dries or irritates.  It retails for $18 for 7 ounces and you can order it from

I will bring you more products as I buy them or they are sent for me to review.  I will also bring you more lists from now on from Favorite Polishes, Nail Art Items, Manicure Tools and maybe even some favorite beauty or skincare products.  How did you like this post?  Do you want to see more like it?  Any products  or groups of products that you would like to see reviewed?  Leave a comment, they are always read and answered if needed.

9 thoughts on “Friday the 13th – My 13 favorite manicure and pedicure products from 2011

  1. Some GREAT stuff on this list!!! I use some of it myself! :DThe sugar scrub is AWESOME. I use it at least once a day. Kristin gave me my first Avojuice, I need to buy some more, but I want this Vanilla Spice one, and I can't seem to find it. Of course I can't live without my Seche!!!Thanks for the heads up on the buffing block, I need to go stock up, I love that thing, and use the daylights out of it.Sorry, I'll stop writting a book. ❤ you Jeanie!!!

  2. The problem with posts like this is you realize that there are things you don't have in your aresenal that you NEED. I have a "grocery list" a mile long now. Thanks for the great post!

  3. Thanks for letting me know there is a Nail Envy for pealing nails – that's me! I hear a lot of good about that product – used Nail Tec II for years, it kind of helped, but really best is natural good care, tons of Barielle nail strengthening cream (sold at Sally's cheaper than at Barielle) & my nail oil of choice is Barielle Intensive Nail Renewal Oil. I carry in purse a brush on form of Avoplex nail oil (OPI). I cannot urge folks enough to use Barielle Total Care Foot Cream. I have searched and tried foot creams for over 20 yrs and hands down the one you showcased here is the best. Buy it in the large jar ($29) lasts forever and get it when Barielle is having a 30 or 50% off/free ship sale. My podiatrist has changed to use Total Foot Care Cream as well since I gave him a jar to try..and he can get anything! Zoya remover -thumbs up there too as well as SV. I try others and nothing is as great as SV. Always use a glass file NOTHING else in my house or purse and I gift them constantly. Re: Deb Lippmann 2-sec primer – I JUST was given it from a seller as GWP. Will be trying it next pedi/mani. You hit 'em out of the park in my book with your list here!!!As far as other lists/products – personally I like the blog focus on nails, nail associated products.

  4. Thanks for compiling a list -I love posts like this! It always gives me idea on how to tweak my routine. I've been looking for a good cuticle oil for a while and hear nothing but good things about the Julep one. I'll definitely have to get it.

  5. I just ordered some of those lintless wipes (along with a handful of others things I've been meaning to get, because that seller has good prices.) I've just been using paper towels before now, honestly, because they work better as good as cotton pads at a LOT lower price. But if I can use just one for each hand on most manicures (I know it will take one for each finger for glitter removal!) then at this price that's actually *cheaper* than paper towels! Yay!

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