Christmas Nail Art – Snowman Tutorial – Tricia’s Nail Artistry

Tonight, I am very happy to bring you another blog post by Tricia!  As you know, I am working on my nail art skills and Tricia makes it very easy to understand how to do with her step-by-step tutorials.  You can see more of her nail art and follow her on Face Book at Tricia’s Nail Artistry.  Now on to her post!

Hiiii, I love doing Christmas theme nails, so today I did a snow man design, this idea was in my mind when I bought the Super Nail glitter used here. These glitters are large hexagons pieces so I used them to create snowflakes in this design, they can be bought at Sally’s Beauty Supply. 

1) Paint nail in Blue.

2) Sponge on white at tips.

3) Using dotting tool, create 3 different size circles to form the snowman’s body. 

4) Using red & black stripers, paint on the face, hat, hands & scarf.

5) Apply one coat of clear polish over the entire nail and while still wet, sprinkle the glitter pieces around the snowman. 

 6) When completely dried, tap or lightly brush off excess glitters and finish off with a final top coat to seal in the applied glitter.

This is a pic of the design with Northern lights Holo top coat (1 coat)over the finished nail. It makes the snowman blend in rather than stand out on the nail. 

Tips: When applying the glitter pieces, avoid sprinkling on top of the snow man as it will cover it. Northern Lights Hologram top coat can be used over the finished nail since it has the extra fine holo glitters which can be polished over the snowman to blend it into the design. 


3 thoughts on “Christmas Nail Art – Snowman Tutorial – Tricia’s Nail Artistry

  1. This is darling – really great looking – thanks so much for the step by step description/photos. I am amazingly lame when it comes to doing any nail art – but I can do this now with your guide!

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