Christmas Lights – Nail Art with Zoya Matte Polishes

Tonight I am bringing you one of my first Christmas manicures.  This was achieved with 5 of the Zoya Matte polishes that I have had for a long time but had never used much.  I copied an idea that my friend Jen from Jen’s Painted Tips had done.  I have not been posting much due to my Dogs having their puppies for the year and some sickness, but I hope I’m back now to do at least daily posts, thanks to my readers for sticking with me!

Now remember, I’m not the best at nail art and sometimes it goes better than other times and too, I’m just learning about some of it.  This is the finished results, in the middle of my mani I had to go take care of the puppies and messed a few fingers up, but touched it up instead of starting over…so please forgive the flaws.

The polishes I used are from Zoya’s Matte Collections.  Left to Right are
Veruschka, Posh, Savita, Loredana and Dovima.

My base coat is Zoya Loredana and I used a nail art brush and Zoya Dovima 
to do the light cord.  I have a whole set of nail art brushes and I think one of the 
longer skinnier ones would have worked better, but I need to work more with 
them to get use to them.

The Christmas lights was made using dotting tools from ebay and the 
colors used were Zoya’s Veruschka, Posh and Savita.

I love using Zoya and all their polishes.  It’s a little harder to use the matte polishes at first but once you get the hang of it they go on smooth and flawless.  My problem is I can’t stop rubbing my nails, I love the feel of the finish.

You can purchase Zoya from or in some retail stores.  They retail for $8 each and Zoya is wonderful about doing specials and sales.  What do you think about my above mani?  Have any ideas of what else you would like to see for Christmas?  All comments are read and I try to answer any questions.  Again, thank you so much for staying with me, you are appreicated!


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