Guest Blog – Pedicure with Tricia using Color Club’s Factory Girl

I just finished up my blue pedi, so I decided to share it. I dont normally wear blue since it does not go to well with my tan skin tone, however I still did it blue so it would compliment my blue foot jewelry I would be wearing over the weekend. I tried three different colors before settling for the one I chose.  First I tried Color club’s Total Mystery (Alter Ego Collection) It is the exact color of the beads on my barefoot sandal, but the formula was a bit problematic, it seems to be very thin and I got a lot of streaks, even after the third coat, four coats might have worked, but I did not bother with it since it was not looking right.
Second color I tried was (Justin Bieber collection) Prize Possession Purple, that is a beautiful purple, but did not go well with the color of my jewelry.
The third color was (Justin Bieber collection) Me + Blue, which is a nice medium blue loaded with glitter, but did not go well with my skin tone.
So I settled for Color Club’s Factory Girl.

Things I used: 

China Glaze Strong Adhesion Base Coat
Color Club Factory Girl
Art club Silver Striper
8 (1.5mm) rhinestones
8 (2.3mm) rhinestones
Art Club’s Sealer

1) Apply base coat.
2) Paint nails in Factory Girl.

3) Using the striper, add 3 diagonal lines on each of the big toes.

4) Then add 3 more diagonal lines to cross the first 3 lines.

5) On each of the remaining 8 nails, add one 1.5mm rhinestones to the half moon area of the nail.

6) Add 4 larger rhinestones in the area between the silver lines on each big toe. 

7) Finish up with sealer.

*Tip: for maximum rhinestone adhesion, a tiny drop of glue can be used. By using glue, however, removal will be a bit tougher, an acetone soak may be needed but do remember to saturate surrounding skin with cuticle oil prior to acetone use.

Color Club/Art Club polishes can be bought at 
China Glaze Base Coat is commonly found at any Sally Beauty Supply.
Rhinestones can be bought at

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