Breast Cancer Awareness Month Manicure with Pink Ribbon Nail Foil Stickers

Hi Everyone!  I am finally back!  As most of you know I have 2 new litters of Havanese puppies (4 & 6 weeks now) and I’m very particular about fumes and things with them so I had to take a break from doing manicures.  During this time, Tricia from Tricia’s Nail Artistry and my many many Guest Bloggers have kept me going.  Tricia is still doing nail art for me, she is my rock!  And Guest Bloggers are always welcome.  Also good news…we’re about to hit 600 followers…hmm I’ll have to think of something special for those of you who have stuck with me!  OK, back to the post for today!

Recently I was asked to review some Nail Foil Stickers from  They let me choose from thousands of designs and I knew Breast Cancer Awareness Month was coming up and they had the perfect Nail Foils by Nail Patch for this.  As you know, I am very new to anything other than polishing my nails, but jumped at this chance.  This is my first attempt at anything like this.  I have to say I felt intimidated but tackled it and I am happy with my first try.  It was a lot easier than I thought, you just have to read directions.  It did say on the back to use the “Push and Press” cuticle pusher to smooth out any area’s that needed it, and I didn’t have this tool, so I used my plastic cuticle tool from Sally’s.  On to the pictures, please be a little forgiving!  I’m out of practice on my nails and this was my first attempt at Nail Foils.  Remember you can click to enlarge the pictures.

The Nail Foil Stickers come 16 to a package.  The have sizes to fit all nails 
and can be trimmed down if necessary.

As you can see, the instructions are very clear.

I had already started, but this is what they look like out of the package.  
I have enough left over to do another mani.

These nail stickers and many more designs are available along with other nail supplies, cosmetics and beauty supplies.  You can check their online store out at  They are very reasonable on their prices, the stickers I used are $5.48 USD and shipping was very fast.  They are also doing a daily giveaway, here’s the link to that KKCenterHK Daily Giveaway.

What do you think about Nail Stickers?  Have you tried them before?  Will you try them now?  And again, I’m so happy to be back and blogging regular again, I have some great new Halloween, Fall and Christmas Manicures to bring you!


5 thoughts on “Breast Cancer Awareness Month Manicure with Pink Ribbon Nail Foil Stickers

  1. you did great putting them.. i haven't tried foils yet.. water decals' making me crazy, what more if i use foils? but i really love this. i think i will do a nail art inspired by this foil. 🙂

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