Guest Post – Peacock Feather’s with Tricia from Trica’s Nail Artistry

I sort of like the whole peacock feather trend that seems to be going on these days, almost anywhere I go I see peacock feather themes, especially in jewelry, So I decided to share an easy to do peacock nail design. 
Many people have a fan brush for nail art, but are not too sure of how to use it. In this design I used mine to paint the feather. 
The fan brush can be used for creating a feather effect (as I did today) and also for blending colors, just by double loading the fan brush and swiping it over the nail a few times. Multiple colors can be loaded unto the brush for blending multiple colors to create a rainbow. I do love using the fan brush but it sure does take some practice to perfect it. For the feather effect, lightly paint onto nail, do not over swipe, one or two swipes will be fine, over swiping will turn into blending.

The things I used :

A fan brush
Thin Brush/stripers
Dotting tool

Color club-
Honey Bee (transulcent white)
Wicked Sweet (bright blue)
Naughtycal Navy (dark blue)

Art club yellow striper

China glaze- 
Moonpool (green)
In awe of amber (brown/bronze)

Gold Hologram topcoat

1) Paint nail in Honey bee
2) Dip fan brush in Moonpool and swipe it on to create a feathered effect  
3) With stripers or thin brush, add a yellow half circle, followed by an inner In Awe of Amber, followed by Wicked Sweet and finally Naughtycal Navy
4) Using a light brown color, add one very light, thin line in the whole design to create the middle of the feather (I used in awe of amber) 
5) Add some random dots using the same colors used for creating the colorful middle part of the feather  
6) Finish with Gold hologram top coat

You can click on the pictures to enlarge them.

Color clubs and china glaze colors can be bought at
Nail art brushes/ dotting tool can be bought at or any Sally Beauty Supply.
The gold Hologram top coat that I use is a frankin I made, its very similar to Northern lights gold holo topcoat and China glaze Golden enchantment.

Thank you so much Tricia for bringing us this beautiful nail art!  Please show Tricia some love by leaving her a comment and by also following her on her facebook page at Tricia’s Nail Artistry.

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