Guest Post – Fimo Cane’s with Tricia’s Nail Artistry

Hi, I decided to share my first experience with Fimo canes. I got a pack with 16 floral designs so I decided to do a simple french manicure and add them to it. I have seen fimo being sold in slices rather than canes, However, I think that the canes are better since it can be sliced as thin as desired.

I thought it would be easy to slice, so I just got my kitchen knife and started slicing, but that was a disaster. It was very difficult to get the slices as thin and evenly sliced as I wanted by using my knife. Apparently a regular kitchen knife is not the right tool to use. 

I would recommend using a thin, sharp razor blade to slice them. Those razor blades can be bought at any dollar store. A razor blade is easier to handle and makes slicing them extremely quick and easy. 

I did my regular french polish application, then applied a small drop of nail glue on the area where I wanted to add my fimo. Since I was using regular nail polish, I used nail glue to stick it on since fimos are considered to be 3D, it needs a little glue for extra hold. I applied one coat of Art club’s sealer to finish up.

My overall opinion of fimo canes is that they are cute and easy to use. I would definitely be using them more, I am having visions of combining fimos with rhinestones, I will share that design when I do. 

I recently found out about

They sell all types of nail art supplies as well as make up. I was pleasantly surprise how fast shipping was (it took 10 days from Hong Kong to Miami)And a tracking number was given, so my mind was at ease while waiting for my package to arrive. 

Thanks Tricia!  I haven’t used Fimo canes yet, but have bought some.  Please show Tricia some love by leaving her a comment and visiting her at Tricia’s Nail Artistry on Facebook.

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