Guest Post – Karin from Rin’s Nail Files – Zoya Tao

Hello all….Today I have Tao from the Mirrors collection. It’s a light smoke gray with some shimmer. It applied very well with 2 coats. I picked this up at Ulta, I am so glad they have them there now cause I really need to see Zoya polish in person to make sure I love it. I also wanted to do a Fall theme design, so I used plate BM-04 and Sephora by OPI I’m with Brad, This polish is brown with red undertones. I really like how the 2 colors came together. Hope you likey =)

Thank you Jeanie for asking me to guest blog for you while you are busy with those cute little puppies =)

Thanks so much to Karin at Rin’s Nail Files for Guest Blogging for me while the puppies are keeping me busy.  Please show her some love by leaving a comment and visiting her on her blog!


5 thoughts on “Guest Post – Karin from Rin’s Nail Files – Zoya Tao

  1. Tao and Marina were the first from Smoke & Mirrors that caught my eyes. I have Marina on my piggies right now and love it. I put a topper of Revlon Pina Colada over it after I had it on for about a week to give it a new look. Tao is on my nails right now. I have more yet to wear more than one time…and now their Xmas collection is out! Oooh and AHHH!

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