Guest Post – KayJay from Refined and Polished

Many thanks to Jeanie for letting me share my nails with all of you! I’m KayJay from Refined and Polished and I have for you two polishes that look amazing layered together. I received these in an awesome swap with Erika over at Polish Fixation. Up first is Maybelline Cool Couture. This limited edition polish is a slate gray that’s packed with blue and green shimmer. I’ve been looking for Cool Couture for awhile, so I was excited to get it in a swap. The formula was good, but the brush was a little wonky. Luckily, the polish self-leveled very nicely. Two coats were needed for full opacity.
Everything about Cool Couture was gorgeous!!! I almost didn’t want to layer it, but I figured I should amp things up a bit for the guest post. KleanColor Chunky Holo Bluebell is my first polish from this brand. Bluebell is a multichrome glitter that flashes orange, green, gold, and blue and is suspended in a light blue base. No complaints with this polish other than the smell…I felt like I was in a nail salon. As I don’t have any other KleanColors to compare it to, I’m not sure if this is the norm or just my bottle. Luckily, the awesomeness of the polish out weighs the bad smell. This is one coat over Maybelline Cool Couture.

I am in love! Typically, I don’t go for glitter top coats but this one just does something for me. It looks gorgeous in all lights and I have a feeling I’ll be using Bluebell often. Thanks Jeanie for letting me guest post and I hope all’s going well with the puppies!

What are your thoughts on glitter top coats?

Thanks so much KayJay, I love your nails!  Great post as always, please show KayJay some love by leaving her a comment below or visiting her blog!


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