Guest Post – Nail Art Tutorial with Shannon from The Kracked Kat

Shannon from The Kracked Kat here to share a short tutorial with you.  I wanted to do something interesting for you all.  So where did I turn?  My craft supply cabinet of course.  In there I found lots of super fine craft glitter, embossing powders and my Pearl Ex pigments.  Pearl Ex or Perfect Pearls pigment powders can be mixed into any media and applied to any surface so why shouldn’t they be applied to finger nails?
Here are the supplies you will need: 
  • Pearl Ex pigment powder (can be found in rubber stamping section of Michael’s)
  • base coat/polish (I used Pure Ice Black Rage)
  • a soft powder brush (I used the Perfect Pearls brushes but a eyeshadow or blush brush would work too)
  • paint brush
  • glue (I used Martha Stewart transfer adhesive. This glue is specially designed to be used with the Martha Stewart brank foils.  I can’t wait to try the MS foils on my nails next!)
  • pallet (I used a plastic lid to a butter container)
  • top coat
First apply a base coat of polish to your nails and let it cure.  Once your base coat is dry you will want to pour a very small amount of the glue to the pallet.  A little goes a long way with this project. Using your paint brush apply a very thin coat of glue to your nails.  Since the glue is water based you do not have to worry about ruining your brush.  It will wash right out when you are finished.  Allow the glue to dry until it is tacky.
Now for the messy part.  Carefully dip your soft powder brush into the powder to pick it up.  Apply powder to the nails in a pouncing motion until the entire nail is covered then dust extra powderoff nail. 
Apply a top coat to your nails and voila!  

 The pigment powder I used was actually pink in the jar but turned blue when applied to the nail.  If you applied the same powder to a white basecoat it would show up as pink.  You could get fancier and apply the glue with a detail brush to make stripes and designs if you want.  Imagine this under a coat of crackle polish!  And for you who dabble in frankening you could mix this powder in for a holographic glow. 
I hope you enjoyed this project and much as I did. 
Shannon this is great and thank you for taking so much time to share this with my readers!  Please let Shannon know what you think about her Nail Art Mani and visit her on her blog at The Kracked Kat.

One thought on “Guest Post – Nail Art Tutorial with Shannon from The Kracked Kat

  1. Interesting tutorial. I need to collect ideas and go looking at Michaels! It's one of the few stores we have around here – no polish stores but for one Rite Aide that is never got anything so everything I get has to be mail ordered. I would love to spend a good few days in a big city and have an extra $1000 to dump on polish!!! Fun!

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