Guest Post with Marcia from Beauty Info Zone

While I am not a nail blogger, unlike Midnight Manicures, I surely do appreciate beautiful nail polish and application. For most of my life I bit my nails down to the quick. I don’t know what made me change but one day I just flat out decided to quit biting (it only took 30 years!) and grow nails. Thanks to a wonderful nail tech I was able to keep what I grew though my nail base is still pretty short. I also went from pink, pink, pink to being daring enough to wear red polish. But then I stuck with the same red for almost a year. So braveness wasn’t exactly in the cards (or polish).
Another epiphany came one day when shopping with a friend. I saw Deborah Lippmann Wicked Game and fell for the duochrome shade. The idea of turning my nails and seeing something new each time stopped me in my tracks.
I’ve come a long way in the last few years and now I yearn for every shade imaginable. The moral of my story is that if you are a mom who has a little girl that’s a nail biter – have hope. Things change. Maybe your child will even become a blogger (or whatever the future will bring in the place of bloggers) and show off their nails like I do.
Here are a few polishes that I’ve been wearing lately and quick impressions of them. I’d love it if you visited my blog, Beauty Info Zone (, to see some of the polishes I’ve previously blogged about (Illamasqua, Le Metier de Beaute, Rococo and Nails Inc among others).

1.      Revlon Carbonite: This came out in response to Chanel Granite. I paid $3.99 for Carbonite and $25 for Granite. The difference is miniscule though Chanel Granite is shinier. No one but your wallet will know the difference between these if you can find Carbonite. What I like about Carbonite is how it can look like a grey in some lights and a gold brown in others.



Indirect Light

2.       Zoya Caitlin: I was surprised when I saw how much darker this polish appeared on my nails than in the bottle but that didn’t lessen how much I love the color. The polish went on like a breeze and lasted me for 10 days!

3.       China Glaze IDK: I wish this polish were still available (other than on ebay). It’s a gorgeous holographic shade from the OMG Collection. It makes me want to sit in the sun and move my hands so I can watch the color change.

4.       Dashing Diva UR Standing on my Dress: What a beautiful dark “blurple” polish this turned out to be. It’s not easy to photograph purple polish but this one showed all its beauty easily.The color isn’t murky and with Out the Door top coat it lasted beautifully. Dashing Diva is one of those undiscovered brands ($8) that deserves to be discovered at

Thanks to Midnight Manicures for allowing me to share my story and my nails with you. – Marcia from Beauty Info Zone.

Thank you so much Marcia!  Please let Marcia know what you think of her blog post and leave her some comments and visit her on her blog.

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