Guest Post – Various Manicures from Meryl of Memoiselle

Hi Everyone,
Today’s Guest Post is from Meryl of Memoiselle.  She very graciously sent me a blog post to help out while I’m tending to my 2 Havanese Dogs and their new litters of puppies.  I will blog post about all that soon!  

Opi Ski Teal We Drop
This is a very simple manicure. I applied two coats of OPI’s Ski Teal We Drop from the Swiss Collection. After that I’d put a layer of Poshe’s fast drying top coat and top it again with OPI’s White Shatter. I don’t really like to use shatter polish, but white/silver/gold is nice for me. 

OPI Strawberry Margarita
I love the name of the nail polish.
The base color for this nail art is China Glaze’s-something sweet. After putting two coats of “Something Sweet”, I put a layer of OPI’s Strawberry Margarita on the side of my nail. I’m not a nail professional so there was some flaws when I put a layer of Strawberry Margarita. To cover the flaws, I drew a pink line using a glittery/shimmery polish. The one that I used in that picture is OPI DS Reserve. 
The definition of this Mani was taken from my blog in
After painting your nail with your base coat, add a pink color in your french tips. I’m using China Glaze’s something sweet. Paint it 2 coats on your nails to get an opaque results. Wait until it dry. Some other color that might be similar to this color is OPI Panda-monium Pink (Hong Kong Collection) and OPI Steady As She Rose (Pirates of the Caribbean Collection)
Next, you may apply a shimmery nail polish all over your nails. This time I’m using OPI Princesses Rule. This color is a shimmery pink color. I looove this color as this pink color is not over pinkish. :) I applied 2 coats of polish in this picture. You may also apply 1 coat of polish if you want a less shimmery look.
CG Tarnished Gold
I love this combination!
China Glaze has a very nice collection of shimmer crackle polish. Recently I bought two from their shimmer crackle collection. One of them is tarnished gold. The gold color here is very nice. It’s not too dark nor too bright. The sparkly gold shimmer makes the crackle looks just perfect!
The base color I used here is OPI’s Lincoln Park after Dark, this is one of the most popular dark color from OPI. After applying two coats of the polish, I layered it with a top coat. The purpose to this is to make the crackle polish cracks better. After that I painted my nail with a layer of CG’s tarnished gold. Don’t forget to apply a thicker coat of crackle polish to have a bigger crack. 

Thank you for sharing your Manicure’s Meryl.  You can visit her on her blog at Memoiselle.  Please show her some love by leaving her a comment below and visiting her blog!


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