My first Julep Maven Box – It Girl

Last month Julep announced their new Maven Program.  It is $19.99 a month, you will receive free shipping when you order from them,  a 20% discount with each order, qualify for a $15 credit for each person you refer to the program and get to try some of their color’s or products that they have not released yet, which is something I really love to do.  I also received a coupon for $5 off my next purchase.   You can also use the code Facebook50 and receive 50% off your first box by following them on Facebook at Julep Nail Parlor.  To join the program, click on one of the links in my post or click the link in my sidebar.  Please see their website for the actual details.  I wanted to try this program out, I had heard so many positive things about Julep polishes and their other products.   Click on the pictures to enlarge them.

This is what came in my first Julep Maven Box.  Polishes Sienna and Emilie, Nail Therapy, Julep Facial For Hands and two samples of their other products.  After taking a short survey that helps determine based on my answers what colors and products are best for you, it determined I am an “It Girl”.  There are 5 different types of Mavens.

First I tried Julep’s Facial For Hands, this is a mild scrub that contains Apricot seeds.  Their description says that it helps reveal noticeably softer and younger-looking hands after one use.  Gentle, non-sudsing natural esters whisks away dirt and excess oil while combating flakiness.  Radically boosts effectiveness of hand cream.  All I know is that this scrub makes my hands feel great and even better after I used the sample of their hand cream.  I could notice a big difference in the way my hands felt.

Next, I used the Nail Treatment as my basecoat, it went on very smooth and clear.  I want to try this over time and see if it improves the quality of my nails.  I will keep you updated.

Now for the Julep Polishes.  The first one I will be showing you is Sienna, it is a shimmery gold.  The polish went on flawlessly and is very opaque, I did use 2 coats.  This is not such a showy in your face gold, it can be worn everyday or out for a special event.

The next Julep Polish Color I will be showing you is Emilie, she is a green earthy cream.  She also went on very smoothly and 2 coats was used.  

Julep is a Professional quality “3 Free” Nail polish formulation.  $1 will be donated to organizations that support women from each sale. If you would like to receive wonderful packages like this each month, then sign up for the Julep Maven Program.  They notify you ahead of time of whats coming in each months box, you can always request a shelf pull if there’s something you really don’t think is for you, you can also put it on hold for a month or even send it to a friend (great ideal for Birthday’s and Holiday’s).  

I actually received my 2nd Maven box today from Julep and will be reviewing it very soon.  I am very pleased with it.  What do you think about the above products?  Will you be comming a Julep Maven too?

*(Sidenote) I was a little sidetracked this month with the birth of our new Havanese puppies. I will post a new picture of them in my About Me Tab soon.

All products in this post were purchased by me.  And as always a completely honest, unbiased review whether products are send to me for review or purchased by me.  My first loyalty is to my followers.


5 thoughts on “My first Julep Maven Box – It Girl

  1. nope. wasn't happy with them. maybe I'll try them again once they are a little more organized etc. pretty colors you got! I got Cameron and Alfie. not sure if I will be keeping them. I am also doing a 30 day test with one hand having their nail treatment and the other having qtica's. see which is better after 30 days and post the results! I may then try a few others that people have mentioned for a 2nd cycle.

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