Guest Post – Nail Art with Liz from Nothing But Nail Polish – Pic Heavy

Today our Guest Blogger is Liz with Nothing But Nail Polish, she is doing a great manicure with nail art.  Thank you Liz so much for helping me out while I have brand new puppies to attend to!
This is one of my favorite manis!!! I have had people ask how to do it so here you guys go.
For this mani I used:
L.A. Colors Nail Hardner-Strengener
Wet N Wild French White and Black Cream
Milani Nail Art Black Sketch
Milani Neon Dude Blue (you can use any color)
Color Club Art Club Fine Silver
Kiss Nail Art Pen in Black
A dotting tool (you can also use a bobby pin or a tooth pick)
Out the Door Top Coat

First start off with a base coat (I used LA Colors Hardner-Strenghtener)
Then apply 2 boats of white nail polish.

Let that dry
Then with your black nail art brush make a diagonal down your finger (This is optional. I do it because it because it helps keep everything even)

Next take your color(s) of choice and paint half your nail.

On the white side you will take your nail art pen and draw zebra stripes.

Then taking your dotting tool (tooth pick or bobby pin) make dots on the colored side in black, white and silver glitter.

Then taking the glitter nail brush add little glitter stripes in the zebra side.

Add now to add the finishing touch the glitter strip (over the black one if you did it).

Add your top coat and you’re done!!!!!
 I hope you enjoy this mani as much as I do.

This was the last one I did.

Again, thank you so much Liz for sharing this with my readers!  I especially love the last picture using the different colors.  If you would like to follow Liz on her blog you can click here:  Nothing But Nail Polish.
Please let Liz know what you think of her post by leaving her a comment below.


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