Today We Wear Teal -Ovarian Cancer Awareness Day – Very Picture Heavy!

Today, Friday September 2, 2011 is the day set aside to wear the color Teal to bring awareness to Ovarian Cancer. The month of September has been designated as the National Cancer Awareness Month and the official color is Teal. I want to dedicate this post to Carey from Teal Toes, please check out her facebook page. You can also find more information about this cause and disease at Special Thanks to Diamond Cosmetics for their contributions and bringing us a special polish “Don’t Teal My Heart Away” to polish our Toes & Nails with. They also have a facebook page.

I wanted to share my blog with a few of my friends who also wanted to help bring awareness to this cause that is also called “The Silent Killer”. We owe this to our Mothers, Sisters, Daughters, Friends and any other females who are in our lives. I will be featuring other causes on my blog in the months coming up, stay turned for that and plan to join in.
So now let’s get to the pictures that have been sent to me, you can click to enlarge them. Thank you all for participating!

If you have a picture you’d like to add to this blog post, please email it to me at You can use any brand of polish, makeup or even teal colored clothes. I will be glad to add your picture anytime during September. This post will always be available to look back at. All pictures were sent to me by the owners to use for this blog post.
Your comments and thoughts are always welcome and they are read.


10 thoughts on “Today We Wear Teal -Ovarian Cancer Awareness Day – Very Picture Heavy!

  1. Thanks so much for getting behind Teal Toes and getting the word out. It's a cause very close to my heart having lost my mom to OC at a young age of only 42 yrs. It's a silent disease and we all need to talk about it, be pro-active and be suspect of the very illusive early signs that MIGHT be OC, especially if it's in your family history.

  2. I am taking off my Fairy Teal (SH X-treme) today and putting on Diamond Cosmetics Don't Teal My Heart Away. I have a # of teals I collected for this month especially since I did not have but 2 teals in my stash. Happy in teal!

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