Teal Toes – September – Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. I recently held a contest and gave away Teal Toes polishes (Diamond Cosmetics – Don’t Teal My Heart) to people who follow my blog, facebook, twitter, several other people who I do swaps with in other countries and 5 more in FB Beauty/Nail Polish groups that I’m a member in. In all, almost 2 dozen bottles. This was made possible because of a very caring man named George Kyricos Stamas. He ordered I don’t know how many hundreds of polishes for this cause and shipped them to other’s to help spread the word. He used his own money to do all of this. The only thing I can say I did was take the time to spread the word through as many avenues as I could, wrap and ship the polishes to everyone.

You can learn more about this cancer awareness group by going to their Facebook at Teal Toes, or their website www.tealtoes.org . There is also an event planned on Facebook and you can read more about it here Wear Teal Day.

Just a note, you can wear any brand of teal polish you want to help support this cause. And if you don’t wear polish then you can wear teal clothes or both….or just pass the word along to someone else. If anyone knows of any Teal polishes that easily accessible right now, please leave them in the comments to share with others. What are you doing to support this cause?

6 thoughts on “Teal Toes – September – Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

  1. Here are some easy to find (right now) teal polishes…1)Essie Turquoise & Caicos (it's a stretch for teal but many of you have it and it can make do)2)Sally Hanson Xtreme Wear – The Real Teal3)Borghese – Marino4)Sally Hanson Complete Salon Formula – Fairy TealAll 4 of these are available currently and at most drugstores.Two that some of you might have or find around are by OPI a) Teal The Cows Come Home b) Ski Teal We DropWord of mouth is great, but also contact your local town newspaper, TV station and ask them if they have things planned for Sept which is Ovarian Cancer Awareness month – local news can be slow and they are always looking for story ideas. This is one that affects every community, big and small. OC is a silent killer – often not diagnosed early enough to catch it in time with treatment because a lot of the symptoms are similar to other things and not that discrete as to point medical folks to thinking OC. Know your family history. If mom or a grandma, aunt, great-grandma you were told died of 'stomach cancer' that was a catch all for non identified types of cancer origin sites – but lumped into stomach cancer for years because it involved the trunk area swelling up with bloating and later fluid from tumors in that area. So be superstitious of that sort of family 'history' told to you. Be pro-active and ask your doctor for a CA-125 blood test which is one of the ovarian cancer tumor markers. Having this test and getting a base line if you have family history is worth asking your doctor about. Thanks to everyone who takes the time to talk to even one person this month about OvC. I lost my mom to this disease when she was only 42. On top of that I am a lucky winner of one of these lovely bottles of the teal polish from Diamond. Funny thing too when I went to the Diamond Cosmetics site (all made in the USA by the way), I found they are the makers of a product called Miracle Nail. My mom swore by Miracle Nail. It was the only thing she ever found to make her nails grow. She had worked since I was a kid in the 50's drinking gelatin and everything that came along that was supposed to help make your nails strong and grow. Then comes this contest – this wonderful man who bought all this polish and it just HAPPENS to be from Diamond Cosmetics which is the same place that Miracle Nail ..my mom's 'cure' for her nail growth problems. It's quite a uncanny thing to me I think. Just don't let Ovarian Cancer be a 'coincidence' in your life or anyone around you.Teal Toes all month and bedazzle them and ask folks did they notice your toes? Then use that as an intro to start to talk about ovarian cancer and this is the awareness month. We all know a lot about breast cancer, pink, and Oct now for BC – lets do the same for Sept, teal, and Sept.

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