Zoya’s Neeka – Mirrors Fall 2011 Collection

Today I am bringing you Zoya’s Neeka from the Mirror’s Fall Collection. Zoya describes it as a metallic greyed amethyst with subtle red duochrome shimmer and bright gold glitter accents.? A fascinating, unique shade that manages to be glittery but not too flashy. Color intensity is 5 on Zoya’s 1-5 scale. I am very impressed with this color (no dupes that I know of), the application is classic Zoya. I used a base coat, 2 coats of polish and a top coat. I wore it 2 or 3 days without any wear or chipping, I truly hated to remove it. Pictures can be enlarged by clicking on them.

As some of you know, this polish was named after one of Zoya’s Pixie’s from their facebook page. Neeka is also someone I would consider a true friend, she is smart, funny, beautiful and is her own person, she is a leader not a follower. This color was made for her! You can purchase Neeka or others from the new fall collections from www.Zoya.com. They retail for $8 each and frequently have promotions and sales. What are your thoughts of Neeka and the other fall collection colors?

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