Zoya Shay from the Touch Collection

First of all, let me say I’ve never been a fan of Nude color nail polishes. Second, I will admit when I’m wrong or if I change my mind. I bought one from another brand a few months ago on clearance, blah….. The main reason I’m not a fan is because of my skin tone and their application (how many coats it usually takes to make it opaque).

Then fate happened, 2nd month in a row that I received my Birchbox and there was the mini Zoya of Shay from the Touch Collection. Yes, I now have 2, I figured that was a sign to try it. The application was great as always with Zoya, and yes in only 2 coats it was opaque. You can click on the pictures to enlarge them.

Well….I think I like it, I may try the others from the Touch Collection, you can find them at www.Zoya.com. They retail for $8 and show a lot of love to their facebook fans by doing frequent promotions, you can join their facebook fan page at Zoya Nail Polish. I love the application, I used a base coat and did not have a top coat on in the pictures. What do you think? What are your experiences with nude colors and your skin tone?
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9 thoughts on “Zoya Shay from the Touch Collection

  1. Very pretty! I like nudes, but I am very particular about them because I HATE mannequin hands. So the nude has to be slightly different colored than my skin tone for me to like it.

  2. I am with Midnight Manicures on this one too. Out of the Zoya Touch Collection of 3 Pandora (pink/mauve base) was my top fav…then the one that is got a lot more yellow base to it – called Shay. Minka was way too light and too matchy/matchy to my own skin for me to think it looked good on me these days – 5 yrs ago, I would have loved the way Minka looked on me. I was surprised with this collection – thought it was a bit dated.

  3. Wow – just re-read and see that your Birchbox has had 2 months in a row the same shade in a mini bottle from Zoya in it? That's really odd. I thought there were to be no repeats in Birchboxs for at least 12 months time.

  4. I love nude shades and am building up quite a collection of them. They're nice to wear as a break from all the brights and dark colors that I like to wear otherwise. And I always get tons of compliments when I wear them!

  5. Beachbabe, I'm getting ready to write Birchbox about that. I love their boxes and the surprises I get each month from them. Evidently, there was a mistake made and they need to know to prevent it from happening again. I was so hoping that Pandora was going to be in it.

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