Press Release – Le Metier De Beauty Fall/Winter 2011 Collections

A Tribute to the Ancient Channel of Transport Where East Met West
Introducing Le Métier de Beauté’s Fall|Winter 2011 Collection: Silk Road
NEW YORK, June 2011 – For almost 3000 years, a vast network connected Eastern civilization to the outside world. Silk, satin, spices and jewels made the journey, connecting east and west, along what would become known as the “Silk Road.” As the Silk Road evolved, a true cultural exchange took place as ideas and knowledge changed hands. This fusion of culture and trade, of luxury and texture comes together in Le Métier de Beauté’s Fall|Winter 2011 Collection. Introducing Silk Road, a journey of discovery and luxurious sensuality.
“Silk Road” Kaleidoscope Eye Kit
Le Métier de Beauté’s new Fall|Winter 2011 Kaleidoscope Eye Kit transfixes with rich and opulent hues reminiscent of the luxe fabrics of an ancient world. A selection of four sumptuous shadows come together (from top to bottom):
· Tapestry – a shimmering, translucent plum
· Damask – a polished brass
· Ikat – a silk-matte pinot noir
· Brocade – a deep chocolate with sequined copper effervescence
Experience each jewel-toned hue through the previous hue, as all four pigments intertwine to create a prism for the ultimate color contrast with the wearer’s eye shape and color. Using the Le Métier de Beauté signature eye shadow application technique, “Couches de Couleur” (the layering of color), each hue is selected to evoke one element in a sequence of crescendo: 1. Warm 2. Cool 3. Hot 4. Cold. The combination is famed for increasing the femininity of the eyes, while adding a dash of mystery.
Suggested retail price $95.00
“Empress” Kaleidoscope Lip Kit
Le Métier de Beauté’s new Fall|Winter 2011 Kaleidoscope Lip Kit mixes rich, luxurious hues reflective of the majestically jewels traded along the Silk Road. A selection of four delicate shades come together for a luscious pout. Using Le Métier de Beauté’s exclusive “Couches de Colour” application technique, layer the four shades (from top to bottom):
· Imperial Silk – a pale pink for a nude base
· Plum Satin – a creamy plum for rich contrast
· Silk Road – a shimmering red for sheer highlight
· Empress – a delicate mauve mixed with soft champagne
Suggested retail price: $95.00
“East Meets West” Nail Lacquer Collection
The winding and impossibly distant channel of the Silk Road extended from as far as China to Indonesia, through Central Asia, the Arabian Peninsula and Egypt, until reaching Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean civilizations. Le Métier de Beauté’s East Meets West Nail Collection brings together a wealth of color reminiscent of the jewels, spices and luxurious fabrics that traveled this ancient path.
· Dynasty – a deep, shimmering fuchsia
· Anatolia – a rich plum illuminated with bronzy, golden shimmer
· Silk Road – a metallic, bronzed copper
· Urban Dweller – a rich chocolate plum with golden effervescence
Specifically formulated to be 3-Free without formaldehyde, toluene and dibutyl phthalate (DBP), Proposition 65-compliant and fortified with strengthening proteins and hydrators, Le Métier de Beauté Nail Lacquers are highly pigmented for rich, glossy, long-wearing color.
Suggested retail price $10.00 each.
The Silk Road Collection is available September 2011 in Neiman Marcus,, select Nordstrom stores and

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