Sponging and Sticker Manicure – Guest Post by Tricia at Tricia’s Nail Artistry

Today Tricia is bring us a manicure using the sponging technique and also using nail art stickers.

It is most definitely easier done with regular nail polish, than with shellac.  I have more shellac clients than regular nail polish clients, so I decided to share a shellac nail art design.

1) prep nails
2) apply base coat/cure
3) apply color of choice/cure (My choice for the 1st color is usually a lighter shade & the darker shade is for sponging)
4) using the sponging technique, apply 2nd color (very thinly) so it fades into the 1st color/cure
5) scrub in glitter over the entire nail, or sparingly if desired.(for this part, I prefer to use a translucent/ opal glitter, so it does not cover the faded design, but yet it adds some sparkle)
6)apply stickers, dried flowers, stamp or whatever decal you desire.
7) apply top coat/cure (2x), wipe 

The first pic is just the sponged effect with glitter, that by itself looks nice, so I thought I’d take that pic before adding the dragon fly stickers. My camera lost battery charge so I didnt get to take pics step by step this time.

Hope everyone likes it!

You can see more of Tricia’s nail art by following her on facebook at Tricia’s Nail Artistry.  Thank you so much Tricia for bring us this beautiful design, even though you did it with shellac, you make it look easy enough for me to try!  To my readers:  do you think this is something you could do, any tips or hints that you’d like to share about your sponging mani’s or using stickers?

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