Teal Toes Ovarian Cancer Awareness Giveaway!

First off, this blog posting today is to bring awareness to Ovarian Cancer.  To help bring this awareness of this cause to the world, TealToes.org teamed up with Diamond Cosmetics to bring us a teal polish named Don’t Teal My Heart.  To read more about this cause, go to the link above and also their facebook page at Teal Toes.

Teal Toes Mission:  Our mission is to raise awareness of ovarian cancer.

How?  By painting your toenails teal, the ovarian cancer color.  By getting your friends to paint their toenails teal too, and then by talking with people when they ask about it, to make sure that they know the signs of this whispering killer.
Any time of year is good for teal toes, but we especially recommend September, the ovarian cancer awareness month!

This is my first awareness giveaway for my blog.  I think many of you have noticed that for a month or so now I have had a page tab on my blog that I’m hoping will help with many more causes.  If you are a company/cause/individual that would like to help me with this, please email me!  On to the pictures of this wonderful polish and at the bottom the giveaway.  

I will be giving away a total of 6 bottles of Diamond Cosmetics Don’t Teal My Heart Polish. 
There are several ways you can win.  Giveaway ends Sunday August 14th at 11:59pm EST.  I will announce the 6 winners on Monday August 15th and I will also email/message you on facebook/tweet you (depending on the method you entered) you will have 24 hours to respond with your address. USA residents only this time, sorry!

1.  Midnight Manicures blog 2 polishes will be given away (You must be a GFC follower and follow the instructions below).

2.  Midnight Manicures Facebook, 2 polishes will be given away (must be a follower on facebook of Midnight Manicures, follow Teal Toes and tell them Midnight Manicures sent you and write on and share my facebook post).

3.  Twitter, 2 polishes will be given away (must be a follower on twitter and retweet), you can enter all but you can only win once.  

To enter here on my blog, please leave a comment with:  *required
1.  The GFC name you follow me with.*
2.  Your email address that I can contact you with.*
3.  A sentence or two about how cancer has effected your life or how you plan to spread the word about Ovarian Cancer.*


21 thoughts on “Teal Toes Ovarian Cancer Awareness Giveaway!

  1. 1. Trixie of Nailfiled2. nailfiled@gmail.com3. Would you believe, I'm wearing teal on my toes right now?! 🙂 I'm thankful nobody in my family has died of cancer of any kind, but I'll have your link posted in my Facebook page, twitter, and on my blog to help spread the word. I'm sure a lot of people can relate to this cause. Thank you for being an advocate of diff causes. It helps us be aware of what we can do to help.;)

  2. GFC: Kateemail: fishing4beauty at gmail.comI have experienced the fear, heartache, and victory associated with cancer as I have seen loved ones suffer from this disease. I love the Teal Toes movement and cannot wait to spread the word.

  3. Youre awesome Jeanie!!! I am not entering just want to say thank you to Diamond Cosmetics, Teal Toes, and George. For all their work!!! Let's kick Cancer's ass!!!

  4. GFC: kar326Email: kar326@yahoo.comI plan to tell my family and friends about it and probably post something on Facebook about teal toes. Three years ago my grandma died from cancer, and it was a horrible thing to go through for her and everyone in my family.

  5. Thank you for this giveaway!I follow you as rock-or-notrock-or-not (at) hotmail dot frI did take medecine to prevent ovarian cancer, there was a really huge campaign in France for it, it was free for virgin young girls.

  6. GFC: deja vuemail: amrpr2010 at gmail.comMy father, two of my cousins and a man who was like a second grandfather to me all died of cancer. My brother and my grandmother are cancer survivors. =) I like to do marathons or hike-a-thons when I have the chance and I also used to coordinate relay-for-life, which I'm looking to get back into when I move to Minnesota. Thanks so much for your dedication to the fight against cancer! =)

  7. GFC: Sarah Crawfordemail: sarahandmike at hellokitty dot comCancer has taken very close people from my life…Mary Ann Heidmeyer, Tina Viella, Frank Smith, and now a dear friend Barbara Morris has been diagnosed with only a few months to live :-/ I would love to see some kind of advancements as far as treatments go so we can save more lives!

  8. GFC: MidniteEcho75email: midniteecho75@gmail.comMy father died of cancer, my grandfather and two of my uncles are survivors. My 9 year old niece died of cancer. And a close friend of the family (my mom's friend and honorary grandmother of my son) died from ovarian cancer. A co-worker and friend has stomach cancer and another close friend was just diagnosed with throat cancer. Cancer is a terrible thing, and I applaud anyone who stands up to it and fights.

  9. My GFc name is thalie and my email addy is glazedtalons(at)gmail(dot)com My father passed away of stomach cancer in 1994. Cancer in general has been an issue close to my heart for along time,since alot of my father's family members had one type of cancer or another. I had a cousin with ovarian cysts but they were thankfully benign. I plan to spread awareness by painting my toenails teal.

  10. GFC: RinEmail:karinruiz@comcast.netMy Dad died of lung cancer in Oct 09, My cousin has breast cancer and is going through treatment, My grandma died in Sept 04 of breast cancer that spread everywhere else. I HATE this killing disease and it needs to be stopped!

  11. Beautifully done! I love your mani and pedi and cute idea for a toe ring, a teal toes ribbon…Just wanted to say I really appreciate what you have done for teal toes and the OCRF and myself for Caey! Thank youLove,George 🙂

  12. What a lovely idea for a giveaway!I follow you as Nicole via GFC.My email is nicole AT nightlynails.comI plan to feature some teals this September on NN, and will be wearing it on my toes as well. I don't know anyone with ovarian cancer, but my stepmom has recently won a double battle with breast cancer. It's frightening and we're blessed that she had great doctors who caught this early on for her.

  13. I follow through GFC as BreAnnNicole. Hmmm something interesting about myself…well, I've been a vegetarian since I was 6 years old, and my family thinks I'm weird bc of it lolI wish I had a blog to post this giveaway on, but sadly I do not. Maybe someday…CONGRATS ON 200 FOLLOWERS 🙂

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