Nubar’s Indigo Illusion – Guest Post by Ashley of Polished Components

Indigo Illusion by Nubar is a duochrome.  I have always had a love of duochromes because to me it feels like you are getting two or more colors in one.  Depending on how the light shines will depend on what color you are seeing.  With this particular one I used two coats after putting down a base coat of Seche Vite’s Retain.  It is a slightly opaque color.  It needed the two coats and could have possibly done well with a third.  The color I would describe it as a blue with a gold(ish) and blue shimmer and then the purple duochrome.  I then topped the two coats off with Seche Vite’s fast drying top coat.   I liked the application of the polish.  It went on easily without becoming to thick or to streaky.  The dry time was also very good, but slightly on the slow side.  I have several of the duochromes by nubar and have been very happy with how they turn out.  This polish was no different.  

You can see more of Ashley’s manicures and nail art on her blog at Polished Components.
Thank you for taking time and bringing my readers this beautiful polish.  Please let Ashley know what you think about this polish and any experiences you’ve had with Nubar or duochomes. 


4 thoughts on “Nubar’s Indigo Illusion – Guest Post by Ashley of Polished Components

  1. What a fab range of shades that come from this one polish and you caught them all in your photos. I have looked for some time for a polish that is almost this shade of denim only stays denim without a duochrome – only this one I think like many in Nubar and some in Zoya collections we have to give credit for tri and quadchrome vs lumping them into duochromes! I don't think I have seen this shade on line looking at Nubar shades…maybe it's still in the classics collection? Thanks to your guest contributor!

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