***Blog Sale*** Picture Heavy

Please check my tab for the Blog sale, you can see which polishes are actually spoken for or sold.  Thanks!

*Blog Sale*

Hi everyone!
I’m getting overloaded here in polish and as much as I hate to even let one bottle of it go, it’s time or else I have to buy even more storage.  If you are interested in a polish or polishes, email me at jeanie@midnightmanicures.com and let me know which polishes you want.  If a request comes in for the same polish, the one time stamped first gets it.  I will mark it pending and send you an email back with the total and the email address that I use for paypal (different than above), please pay within 24 hours using paypal.  If after 24 hours I have not received payment, I will remove it from pending to let others purchase.  All polishes are new unless noted beside the name.  Please check swatches on the internet, sometimes camera’s pick up a different color than whats in the bottle, and after photographing I may have some out of order and had to guess at some of the pictures.

Shipping is $2.50 for the first polish and .50 cent for each additional polish, this covers my cost for padded envelopes, packing materials, tape, etc.  If it ends up being cheaper to send in a small flat rate box ($5.00 plus packing materials), medium flat rate box ($10.95 plus shipping materials) or a flat rate padded envelope ($4.95 plus packing materials) then I will ship it that way.  You will receive a DC# with your purchase.  If you want International shipping, please contact me by email.  All sales are final and once they are in the hands of the Post Office, I can not be liable for lost or damaged packages.  Please email me with any questions. Click on the pictures to enlarge.

Revlon – Quick Dry Top Coat, Quick Dry Base Coat, Steel Her Heart,
Electric Pink, Black Lingerie, Devilish $2 each

Sally Hansen – Jumpin’ Jade $3, Royal Romance $2 (used 1x), Blushing Bride $2 
(used 1x), Double Duty Base & Top Coat $2 (used 1x), 3pc French Mani $3

Wet n Wild Craze Collection $2 each
Jade, Rustic, Inferno, Morbid, Goldmine, Nocturnal, Shield, Glitz

Wet n Wild – Wild Shine $1 each
Sunny Side Up, Eggplant Frost, Black Cream, Lavender Cream

NYC –  Long Wearing $2 each
Times Square, Empire State Blue, Plaza Plumberry, Broadway Burgandy,
Purple Pizzazz, Black Lace Cream

NYC –  Long Wearing $2 each
Skin Tight Denim, Charming Rose, Big Money, French White, 
Extra Shiny Top Coat

Klean Color’s – $2 each
Holo Pink, Holo Blue, Midnight Seduction

Sally Girl (mini’s) $1
Spoiled, Blue Glitter?, Teal Glitter?, Purple Glitter?, Yellow, Orange, Cuticle Oil

Nutra Nail – Bullet Proof Strength $3 each
Sultry Sand & Divine Pink
Super Shine Naturistics (not sure if used) $1
Diamond Dry Top Coat x2 $3 each

Essence – Denim Wanted – I Love My Jeans $2 & Surfer Babe – Surferama $2
Rimmel – Long Lasting Pro – Violet Metal $2
Oke.doke – Steal This Teal & Camo Loco (swatched 1 finger each) $2 each

NYC – Expert Last – $2 each
Maybelline Express Finish – Sunshine LE (swatched 1 finger) $2
Mary Kay – Intensity (used 1 mani) $3

Sinful Colors – $2 each
Casablanca, Tapping Nails, Nirvana, Bali Mist, Boom Boom, 
Savage (shows blue, but more teal green)

Sinful Colors – $2 each
Oh La La, Under 18, Envy, Glass Pink

Color Club – $3 each
Ulterior Motive, Fast Woman, What a Drag, Killer Curves,
Queen of Speed, Diva Driver

Color Club – $3 each
Trippie Hippie, Overboard, In Bloom, Cadillac Red, Sugar Sheer

LA Girls – Rock Star – Orange & Green Sparkles $3 each
Funky Fingers Scales (Crackles) White & Silver $3 each

China Glaze – $5 each
Tempest, Camisole, Awakening, Four Leaf Clover, 
Turned Up Turquoise (Neon), Your Touch

China Glaze – $5 each
Purple Panic (Neon), Lemon Fizz, Designer Satin, 
Secret Peri-winkle, Innocence, Caribbean Temptation
China Glaze – $5 each
Jamaican Out, In The Lime Light (Neon), Limbo Bimbo, 
Fifth Avenue, Celtic Sun (Neon), Shower Together 

China Glaze – $5 each
In Awe Of Amber, Make An Entrance, Sexy In the City,
 Heaven, Reggae to Riches

China Glaze Crackles – 1st Edition $5 each (swatched 1 finger)
Cracked Concrete, Lightening Bolt, Black Mesh,
Broken Hearted, Fault Line, Crushed Candy (Brand New $6)

Finger Paints – $4 each
Whose Hue?, Hue Rang?, Black Expressionism, Tapestry In Mauve, 
Summer Romance, Art Deal Of Fortune

Sephoria by OPI $8, Sephoria Mini Teal $1,
Essie – Bordeaux $4, Forget Me Nots $3 (used 1 mani)

Barielle – $6
Wool You Marry Me, Euphoric, Seductive, 
A Boquet for Ava, Flirtini, Unraveled Rust

Zoya – $6 new
Jules (used 1x) $5, Dove, Jinx, Nina, 
Tamsen, Drew  (used 1 mani) $5

Zoya – $6 new
Lily, Tiffany, Tobey, Addison, Penny, Meadow

Zoya – $6 new
Charisma, Charity, Buffy, Jancyn
Qtica Half Time Polish Drying Accelerator .25oz $5
Qtica Grapefruit Surprise Luxury Lotion $5

Butter London Powder Room Remover 1 available 
Full -$3

It’s Not Rocket Science $6, Shine On Craze Diamond $6
To Have And To Hold (used 1x) $3, Pink Whisper $4, Honeymoon In Style $4


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