Catrice – Dirty Berry – Pic Heavy

This is one of my polishes that I recently received from my friend Kati in the Netherlands. It is one of Catrice’s most popular colors, Dirty Berry #420. This is named perfectly, it’s a dirty looking purple base with glitter. There are some scattered Holographic effects. My first Catrice and I’m in love. I’ve worn this polish 4-5 days now, Seche Clear base coat, 2 coats of color and Seche Vite top coat. I have no visible wear or chips. I’m looking forward to getting more Catrice polishes.

What do you think about this color? What Catrice color would you like to see next?


13 thoughts on “Catrice – Dirty Berry – Pic Heavy

  1. Funny, I almost bought this one today! Ended up not getting it because it reminded me too much of several other great Catrice polishes, such as Looking Greyt, Hip Queens Wear Blue Jeans and London weather forecast.Catrice has such nice polishes. I really like Sold out forever, Chinchilly and From dusk till dawn.Can you not find them in the States?

  2. Funny, I almost bought this polish today but ended up not because it reminded me of 3 other Catrice polishes: Looking Greyt (a tad more gray than Dirty Berry), Hip Queens Wear Blue Jeans( abit darker and bluer) and London's Weather Forecast (a bit more blue + gray).Catrice has such nice polishes, great colors and good formulas. I really like Sold Out Forever (a jade green with subtle micro golden yellow duochrome shimmer), From Dusk Till Dawn (a warm taupey light chocolate brown) and Chinchilly (a medium taupe with greyish undertones)

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