3D Sculptured Nail Art by Tricia – Dragonfly

Today, Tricia from Tricia’s Nail Artistry brings us her first 3D Sculptured Nail Art.  This is a Dragon Fly and she made it from all colored acrylics, and gel top coat to make it shiny. 

The 2 flowers & leaves were Pre- made using my acrylic molds (it saved alot of time) I added an orange dot then a green rhinestone in the middle of the flower to add some color to it. 

I used EZ flow boogie nights carnival acrylic powders.  See the step’s below pictures.

1) create a base color, I used EZ flow’s fat Tuesday
2) Using a ball of clear acrylic, drop small balls where flowers/ leaves are to be placed, then press flowers/ leaves unto it so it adheres.
3) To create the dragon fly, make wings first, by using clear powder with glitter, shape into wing. To get it curved, I sculpted it onto a nail polish cover wrapped in foil. When dried I just peel off the foil and it had its curved shape.
The dragon fly’s body was done using Ez Flow’s Voodoo powder. Sculpt it into a slight “C” shape, then add a ball of acrylic for its head, then carefully add tiny drops of white then even more tiny drop of  black to make eyes. (this part is extremely difficult to perfect but can also be painted on with regular paints/polish) When the body is still wet stick the pre-made wings into it and wait till it sets.A small ball of clear acrylic can be used to reinforce it if needed. 
Top coat the entire design with Ibd intense seal. 

*Ibd intense seal is a non- cleansing gel top coat with an amazing high gloss, it makes the whole design really pop, especially the glittered wings. Cure it under a UV lamp for 2 minutes, then turn to cure under the wings. There is no sticky residue to remove with Ibd intense seal. Regular top coats just absorb into acrylics, and leaves no shine, unless u put many layers, so a gel top coat is best for over acrylics.

This is amazing and it’s her first 3D Sculptured Nail Art.  You can follow Tricia on Facebook at Tricia’s Nail Artistry.  Looking forward to next week to see what else she comes up with!


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