Press Release – QuickTint

Get Rid of Your Stray Gray Roots With QuickTint

The single-most pesky, annoying, disturbing, and often disastrous “don’t” is that rotten stray gray. Because let’s face it: whether you have one or one half of a dozen, gray isn’t the shade you’re likely lusting for. Well, friend, meet your match – your hair’s better half, if you will. It’s QuickTint, the instant hair root touch up that offers an immediate, foolproof and portable solution for roots that have wronged you.

Have two weeks until your colorist can work her magic? Snag QuickTint. Land a hot date, but can’t escape those aggravating grays? Grab QuickTint. Twist the bottom (just like you would your favorite lipgloss) until the pigment appears on the comb’s tip, and then lightly brush the tint directly onto your roots. Woila, just like that your roots are radically changed! And, bonus: the waterproof formula means your color stays put through sweating, swimming, even shampooing.  (Hint: Remove it like you would eye makeup – with remover and a cotton swab.)

The birthchild of NYC’s beloved, celebrity hair colorist Rita Starnella of the Madison Avenue The Rosario Aquista Salon, QuickTint is every gal’s guaranteed go-to if gray is ever in her way.

Available in ten, flattering shades:

Honey Blonde Pale Ash Blonde
Medium Ash Brown Dark Golden Blonde
Medium Golden Brown Light Golden Brown
Dark Brown Auburn
Rich Black Medium Reddish Brown

QuickTint is available for $14.95 online at or by calling 1-888-873-6443.

I will be reviewing this product next week, stay tuned!  Yes, it’s not Nail Polish!


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