Cult Nails Presents the Hypnotic Collection – Fall 2011

The first 2 are still unnamed, I love green….I suggested I Dream of Jeanie or Jeanie Dreamin.  Liz from our Nail Polish group suggested Angel Babies for the blue after her son that passed away earlier this year.


Cult Nails Presents the Hypnotic Collection – Fall 2011

I am finally ready to share with you all the Hypnotic Collection – Fall 2011. This collection is a bit delayed. With the stress of the last collection being delayed I was having a difficult time coming up with ideas for what I wanted. I was all over the place. I must have had about 15 color ideas that I was working on with multiple incantations of each. I have blogger requests, email requests and friend requests, all thrown in the mix. I couldn’t get a cohesive collection together. Finally in the final hour the collection has come together and I couldn’t be happier! I have stated all along that the collection would release late August to early September, but secretly I was hoping for a mid July to early August release. But at the same time, I am still enjoying summer colors, I don’t feel like wearing Fall colors on my nails just yet, so I like the idea of timing my collection a bit more to the season we are in.

Anyway blah, blah, blah, let’s get to the colors! Warning – Pic Heavy!! Descriptions will be after the pictures.

Outside – direct sunlight

In the shade

This first color I showed on Twitter back in February(I think). This was going to be Always Winning. Juan disagreed and said this color was too dark to be a summer color. His logic won and we went with what became Always Winning. But man I loved this color. I wanted an olive green shimmer and didn’t know what kind of shimmer. I mean did I need another My Kind of Cool Aid, Let Me Fly type? The lab recommended a gold shimmer and um yeah winning! My neighbor has been bugging me ever since for this color. She fell just as hard for this color as I did, so I knew it was going to be part of our Fall line way back then. This gorgeous green is still nameless, but we will get one together soon! 


Direct sunlight

In the shade

This is another color I have wanted for a while. I love these deep muted blues. I debated on this color and others that may be dupable elsewhere, but in the end, I need to get some basics in my line, and this is a great basic. Besides, this is in the Cult Nails formula, and that can’t be duped! LOL! This is another nameless color as well. But I have no doubt that I will come up with one!


Direct sunlight

Indirect sunlight
In the shade
Indoors without flash
Indoors with flash

I introduce to you Enigmatic! I think we ended up with about 4 versions of this. If you follow me on my Facebook there is one that is just a bit different in base, but has a flash of hot pink shimmer through out. I went back and forth between that one and this one. I decided on this one, changed my mind to the other one, went back to this one, placed my order and almost called and changed my mind again. Even now I am torn and while the two colors are VERY similar, they are different enough that you may see the other one in a future collection anyway. The difference is that hot pink shimmer – this one does not have it. It also has some very sparse silver glitter thrown in. This is a bit different than what you might normally expect from me. This one is sheerish on the first coat. the second coat changes that to this gorgeous opaque color. The reason is that the purple base is brown based and in order to grab that cast we needed to have a bit thinner formula. You can see this color is a bit of a chameleon depending on your lighting source leaning more purple or brown depending on your lighting. I wanted a rich dark color for the Fall and this one is perfect! The last picture is with flash if you click and enlarge the photo, you can see the shimmer in the polish. It is not that purple in real life, that photo is just to show off the shimmer.

Index finger with 1 coat, Middle finger with 2 coats, Ring & Pinky with 3 coats
Direct sunlight

3 coats on all fingers
blurry to show glitter
Ladies, I present Hypnotize Me!!! I actually had a gold glitter selected for the Fall 2011 release and ended up pushing that one to Winter 2011. It is more of a New Year’s Eve kind of color. This one was scheduled for a potential Winter 2011, and I ended up pushing it up after a bit more of a trial with it. This is an amazing ice blue/green shimmer/glitter polish. I would say it is as if the glitter got pulverized to be very small – similar to that in Living Water. It is in a sheer jelly turquoise base. This is a layering polish, but with 4 coats you can reach opacity. It is a little less green in person, I couldn’t get the photos quite right. 

Here it is one coat layered over the olive green shimmer polish.

One coat layered over the teal color

One coat layered over Enigmatic

So what do you think? Are you loving these colors? It makes me anxious for the Fall and for dark colors to return! I am going to try and hold off wearing any of these until they are released, so I can build up the same anticipation as you guys! Key word being TRY!


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