Nubar Reclaim – Holographic at it’s best!

What’s my favorite color?  Every color is my favorite, but if I had to pick one, green is it!  There are lots of holographic greens out there but most of them are a lighter or pastel in color.  That is until I found Nubar Reclaim from the Going Green Collection.  I love this medium green holo.  I used Nubar Base Coat, 2 coats of color and it was totally opaque and Diamont Fast Drying Top Coat.  Every Nubar product applied like a dream.  

Most people that are into nail polish knows what a holo is by now, but there are two kinds of holos.  One is a linear which shows lines in rainbow colors and the other is a scattered holo.  Reclaim is a linear rainbow holo.  Let the pictures speak for themselves, this is indoor lighting and some pictures are with flash.  The best time to see a holo is out in the sunlight.  But don’t get too distracted by your nails painted with holo polish, I’ve heard of people almost having accidents, they are hard to stop staring at!

Do you like holographic polishes?  What colors would you like for me to do in the future?  Please leave comments, I read them all and answer as many as I can!

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14 thoughts on “Nubar Reclaim – Holographic at it’s best!

  1. I do loooove holos! And this green Nubar looks so great! It's in my wishlist!! thanks for the nice swatches, Jeanie!!Maybe an orange holo would be great! a bright orange holo! wow!kkk

  2. You can buy Nubar from and there are also etailers on amazon and ebay.I have an outrageous Orange holo that I am going to try soon!Thanks for the comments, I love reading them!

  3. Hi Jeanie: It seems so many web bloggers love the color green, your nails are so beautiful and stunning and this color just enhances the effect. Looks so good with your skin tone, so that might be one of the reason you love the green color. Love Holos and Nu-bar is a cool nail polish I have yet to try, this one is going on my wish list, LOL Happy 4th.Love,Georgey πŸ™‚

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