Barielle’s Summer 2011 Karma Collection – Part 2

Today I’m bringing you the last 3 of the new Summer 2011 Karma Collection from Barielle. I enjoyed swatching all of the colors, but my personal favorite is the Welcome OHM and I’m going to show you two ways to wear it in this post.
Buddha-ful – Beige with soft baby pink/blue/light grey foil (This is what I consider a flakie)
Welcome OHM – Warm Cream Plum
Soul-er Powered- Warm Yellow Gold with Silver and Gold Shimmer
First I’ll show you Budda-ful alone (2 coats) and then layered (1 coat) over Welcome OHM, coverage was good and even. Hard to get a good picture with this camera, I’m looking for a new one and I also now have a portable light studio that I’ve still got to set up.

Welcome OHM 2 coats, great application.

Soul-er Powered, (2 coats) I could have used 3 coats or a white or basecoat underneath to keep my nail line from showing, but I really didn’t mind it, and was harder to see in person.

I hope you enjoyed the whole Karma Collection, I know I did. What is your favorite color from the collection? I’m looking forward to seeing the fall/winter collection when it comes out.

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3 thoughts on “Barielle’s Summer 2011 Karma Collection – Part 2

  1. I missed the date cut off for the 20% off the entire Barielle store – thought it ended on the 12th – today…it was done when I looked at my shopping cart this past Monday so I was sad. I still have a # of polishes in my shopping cart, but I need to wait now until next paycheck and also put off getting my fabulous Total Care Foot Cream in the big tub from them this time. I love Budda-ful. I had been looking for just this shade – it's like Nubar 2010 in the size of the flakie only they are not gold like in 2010 but opalescent…just what I have been wanting – a large flattering flakie in opalescent coloring.

  2. They had a special today 50% off across the board on top of the b1g1 50% off polish….go try it, the code is on their facebook….really good pricing! Was suppose to be over with at 8pm, but it was still working just a few minutes ago!

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