Nail Art – Panda Mani – Guest Blogger Liz

Today we have a Nail Art by Liz of Nothing but Nails.  This is so cute and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!
Okay so I wanted to do a mani that the hubby would like so I did pandas. Yes pandas. He LOVES them!!! And as you can tell the blog I did the other day was cherry blossoms because he loves the who Asian couture and he puts up with my nail polish so I had to do something for him.
For this mani I chose to use a base color (Sally Hansen Sweet Pea) , you dont have to if you dont want to.
If you go down to the bottom theres a how to.
So here are the pictures…..
 This is my left hand
And my right. As you can tell the polish was getting a little stringy.
So here is the how to……
First apply a base coat 
Then if you want a base color you can use one. If you do apply 2 coats and let it dry
(I used Sally Hansen Sweet Pea)
Take a white plish and make 1/2 circles on each nail. I used L.A. Colors Art Deco to make an outline then I took WnW French White to fill them in.
Then using a dotting tool (I used the end of an eye brow brush) Make 2 circles for the ears, then 2 smaller circles for the eyes and a small circle for the nose.
Then after you do all 10 pandas take your white polish and your dotting tool or what ever you used and make the whites of there eyes.
Now if you mess that up (making the white take over the whole black part) dont worry you can fix that. Just take the black and make a dot over it and wait for it to dry and do the white again. I messed up a few times but you cant tell.
Then top it off with a top coat and your good to go.
Thanks again Liz!  How did you all like this Panda mani?  You can visit Liz on her blog at

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