More Nail Art from Tricia – Sunset and Seaside

I hope everyone enjoyed Sunday’s nail art by Tricia from Tricia’s Nail Artistry.  Today she is back for a 2nd installment of freehanded nail art.  And whats more appropriate for summer?  Beach themed art!  She is doing some great designs that I think I will be trying soon.  She gives us great instructions, material lists and pictures.  First we start with the sunset.

Sunset :
1)base: bright blue, yellow, orange. No need for blending/ layering, just paint them on next to each other.
2) Layer blue glitter over the bright blue, it adds some sparkle to give the illusion of water. Add some island shape in black.
3) Add black palm trees to the island shapes and finish with top coat.

Sea side:
1) Base: light brown, dark blue, and light blue. No blending colors just paint them next to each color.
2)Layer blue glitter over dark blue color for water. Paint a tiny crab and star fish (any other sea side item can be painted such as shells, jelly fish etc) I choose a crap and star fish because I did not have too much space to add more items.
3) Add clouds and birds on the light blue area to finish the sky and apply crushed shells/sand over the light brown area to add texture. Finish with top coat

Thanks Tricia for sharing your beautiful nail art with us.  You can follow Tricia on Facebook by going to Tricia’s Nail Artistry.  So do you think you will be trying either one of these?  Stay tuned until next Tuesday when she will bring you her first attempt at 3D Sculpting!


5 thoughts on “More Nail Art from Tricia – Sunset and Seaside

  1. I absolutley love this! It is done so well, she has so much talent! I really do love this. It reminds me so much of home (Hawaii):) Really great job!!!Happy PolishingPaint Me Pretty:)

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