Zoya’s Rica from the Sunshine Collection

Today I was looking for a polish to pick up my mood, something bright and cheery.  I started pulling drawers open from my Helmer and Melmer (my almost 600 polishes to choose from) for something I haven’t worn before, but that really stood out.  Not being a big corals or orange person with my skin tone, Zoya’s Rica still kept catching my eye.

Zoya describes Rica as:Warm light coral with pink and orange tones and heavy gold metallic sparkle.  An alternative to flat corals for when you want to shine.  It’s from their recently released Sunshine Collection and they list it as 4 on their 1-5 opaque scale.  As always with almost all Zoya polishes, Rica went on great.   I used 3 coats to cover, 2 was nice, but 3 gave it that POP of color.  And I changed my mind as to it not going well with my skin tone, I think this polish would go great with any skin tone.  As I was taking pictures I noticed that in artificial room light it looked bright orange sparkle, but when I used a flash, you could see the deeper coral color.   You can purchase Zoya from Zoya.com.  

Notice the difference in the first two pictures and the last two pictures, that’s the difference I was talking about from indoor light to using a flash.  Stay tuned for Friday’s manicure, it’s something I’ve never done before, a type of nail art for the First Annual Skittle Rainbow Mani Day for LGBT month!!  You are welcome to join us and see all of our different rainbows of nails to support LGBT Month!   If you have any questions or comments, please let me know.  I always read the comments 🙂 

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