Barielle Myrza’s Meadow – My First Experience with Barielle Polish

Barielle Myrza’s Meadow is described as a Lime Green with Silver Glitter polish.  I see more than just silver glitter in it, I see a rainbow, a scattered holographic glitter effect.  I wasn’t sure how this color was going to look with my skin tone, but it has grown on me.  The application was great and 24 hours after polishing, the wear is wonderful, no chips or tip wear.  I did apply 3 coats of this polish and still see a little VNL, but I’m very happy with it.  I bought 20 new polishes when Barielle had their 50% off sale recently to bring my total to 22, so glad I did.  I will be reviewing more of their polishes in the future.  I can say my camera did not pick up all the glitter that is present and the polish looks so much better in person.

(with flash)

What do you think about this color and other Barielle Polishes?  I would really like to try some of their nail care items, do you have any you can suggest?  Does this polish look good with my skin tone or not?  Your comments, as always, are welcome!


9 thoughts on “Barielle Myrza’s Meadow – My First Experience with Barielle Polish

  1. I'm sorry! I usually don't abbreviate like that. It mean's visible nail line, like when you can see through a polish and see the nail line close to the fingertip. You just gave me a great idea for a blog 🙂

  2. Hi, found this blog post through Landa at I have this color and I love it because it's so unusual. I saw you asked about some of the Barielle nail care items and I've tried a few so thought I'd comment. Their No Chip Speed Dry top coat doesn't dry nearly as fast as Seche Vite or Poshe, in my experience, but it's still a nice top coat. Their Nail strengthener Cream is nice and not greasy, haven't used it enough to know if it 'strengthens' my nails, but it can't hurt, right? Mostly I wanted to recommend their lotions. If you're having any dry hand or heel issues, I can't stress enough how awesome these are. After one use there's a noticeable difference! They do smell like baby powder though, which isn't a favorite scent of mine, but it's tolerable. Just an fyi, as I know some people don't like that scent. Those are the only items I've tried, but just thought I'd offer my 2 cents 😉

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