Deborah Lippman Brown Eyed Girl and Superstar

As everyone knows, Deborah Lippmann is one of my favorite polishes.  It took me several tries to find the Limited Edition Superstar polish.  It’s a Show Stopping Copper Flecked Fudge (glitter).  I paired it with Brown Eyed girl that is a Chocolate velvet glimmer (opaque shimmer).   These two colors truly go together IMO, but my camera picked up a more burgandy tint in BEG but in person it shows up the beautiful brown that I adore.   I loved Brown Eyed Girl so much that I sent one to my best polish friend (BPF).  You can find Deborah Lippmann polishes on her website at,  in some of the high-end retailers and online retailers.  The prices range from $16-20 and well worth it.  Many of her polishes have been created in collaboration with well known music, tv and movie stars.  My collection has grown from my first polish Happy Birthday to over 20. 


2 thoughts on “Deborah Lippman Brown Eyed Girl and Superstar

  1. LOL @ "best polish friend (BPF)" That's so cute. 🙂 I need a BPF. :(Anyways .. thanks for the swatch. She's a beauty! And she looks great on you. xo

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