Rainbow’s at Midnight Nfu-Oh 61

This is my first experience with Nfu-Oh and what a wonderful one to have.  I used Nfu-Oh Aqua Base that distributors suggest to use for your holos and Nfu-Oh holo #61.  I also used a quick dry top coat which may help it last longer but it’s not necessary and may even take a little of the holographic effect away.

The Aqua Base is a milky white color in the bottle, but as soon as it touches the nail, it turns into a super shinny clear base coat, application was flawless, I could have worn this alone.  The Nfu-Oh #61 doesn’t look really holo in the bottle, and when I put the first coat on, it looked a dull grayish color.  As it dried the beautiful linear rainbow started to show.  Since I am not a professional and just recently jumped back into the polish world about 6 months ago after many years, my manicures are not always the best looking.  This polish and base coat made it easy, even with my inexperience.  The polishes and other products from this line retails for about $12.50.

Thanks to everyone who participated in my new blog and the first poll in which Nfu-Oh was the first choice, my next blog will cover the 2nd choice.  Please leave your comments below, I would love to hear from you!


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